Spending many hours in a tiny airplane seat breathing recycled air can be hard on our bodies, minds and even our souls. Arriving to your destination tired, stiff, and sluggish is no way to begin a vacation. Airplane yoga is the solution. It’s important to give your mind, body and soul a break on those long flights. Yoga is the perfect way to increase the inner peace, clear the mind, and invigorate the body during extended travel.

Airplane Yoga: Every Body can do it!

Does travel feel like a nightmare at times? Long hours in often cramped seating reduces circulation and contributes to discomfort and even pain during flight as well as after you have reached the ground. Here are some yoga moves that will keep you keep your body happy and your mind in the moment. Renee (below) offers some great advice on how to make that airplane seat more comfortable and supportive for airplane yoga.

CNN had a great video on airplane yoga, and they actually do it on a flight so it shows you how you will really be able to do in those tiny airplane seats. You may want to warn the passengers around you if you are going to put your feet up on the seat in front of you.

Airplane yoga loosens the limbs, increases circulation, and is sure to provide interesting conversation with your seat mates, even if you’ve only just met. People may look, but who cares? You also may make a new friend. Most importantly, you will feel better  in body and mind, and arrive at your destination better prepared to experience the travel ahead. That’s what’s really important.

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