Great tips for visiting Italy.

If you only eat pasta, you’re missing out on so many delicious foods.

Learn a little bit of the language.

Here’s where to buy tickets for Italy’s high-speed trains:

If you take the train or the bus be sure to get your ticket validated!

Slow down, the pace of life is slower in Italy, pack your patience along with your luggage. Go with the flow.

A lot of stores and shops close down between 1 – 4pm. Seriously. If you think you’re going to have a late lunch, think again.

You can’t just hail a taxi like you do in New York city. If you need a taxi, you have to call for one or find a taxi stand and make sure to have cash! Many Italian shops and restaurants don’t take credit cards so be sure to carry cash.

Do you have any other tips for those traveling to Italy?

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