Tracy and Sharyn have taken their chalk painting talent all over the world. Teaching kids, teens and adults this ancient art at festivals, media events  and celebrations. Now is your chance to learn from these two amazing chalk paint artists on our Chalk Painting in Florence tour. All levels are welcome. Join us for an amazing week in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy October 15-21, 2018.

Tracy Lee Stum began drawing as soon as she could clutch a crayon. She studied privately as a child and earned a Bachelor’s degree at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She continued her studies in naturalism at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.

A gregarious graffiti lover, Tracy began street painting in 1998 and is considered by Madonnari peers, festival directors and viewers alike as one of the finest street painters today.  Known for splashing color in festivals and events in all corners and crevices of the globe, her paintings have won numerous awards & accolades – her only regret is that her masterpieces rarely fit on the fridge.

In 2006 Tracy added the Guinness World Record to her collection of vinyl for the largest street painting by an individual.  In 2013 she was honored to be a contributor on the Cannes Gold Lion award winning team for their work in the now iconic Honda CRV commercial.

Experienced in multi-city campaigns for such clients as Cadillac, SoBe, and Dos Equis, Tracy is continually creating commissioned 3D and 4D works in chalk for advertising, public and private events, corporate PR and educational sectors. Her international team building skills have been utilized in developing street painting festivals in China, Mexico, India, Russia and throughout the United States.  Her art travels well and is always up to date on all of its shots.

Tracy has been privileged and honored to serve as the US State Department’s 2012 cultural ambassador.  She’s toured Tajikistan and India creating 3D street paintings and teaching workshops at distinguished universities and art colleges to promote education, awareness and positive cross-cultural communication.

In 2013 Tracy put on clean pants and stepped effortlessly into management as she curated the first annual DO/AC 3D Chalk Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey, showcasing 14 renowned international 3D street art & chalk artists.

Tracy’s chalk conversations speak to her vast audience with imagination, beauty and playfulness – often with a thick Italian accent.

Sharyn Chan is a unique blend of scientist, artist, hop-hop dancer/choreographer, and a motorcycle racer. A self taught artist and student of her fellow street painters, she works as a street artist, solo, with friends, and as a part of Tracy Lee Stum’s Team 3D. She also works as a hip hop dance instructor and a government contract project manager.

She was born to be an artist; drawing illustrations of rabbits and bears at age 3, but her career path took a different turn in college where she graduated with a computer science degree ad stayed in that field for 30+ years. She dabbled in the artistic side of computers diving into Photoshop and graphic arts on the side, but, it was not until she met world-class street artist Tracy Lee Stum in 2001 that she learned about the ancient art form of street painting. 

Rekindling her passion for art, Sharyn began street painting in her hometown of Santa Barbara and has traveled all over the world participating in festivals and street painting to her heart’s content. She has recently started mural work and commissions.