Ocean View in Greece

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?

One woman’s adventures visiting Greece.

If you could go anywhere for two weeks, where would you choose? For Peggy, it was Greece. She dreamed of walking these ancient, beautiful lands, knowing her feet followed walkways laid millennia ago, and looking over a sea that carried an unimaginable number of stories. Seeing this diverse and rich land not from the seat of a bus, but along the same paths and beach strands walked by the people who live here.

We are so happy Peggy could join us in Greece, and she very generously has shared her thoughts and experiences of her time there. Below is her trip report. All photos on this post were taken by Peggy on her tour with us – except for the last one, where she’s floating in the pool. 🙂

If you could go anywhere for two weeks, where would you choose?

Peggy’s Blue Walk

Having just returned from The Blue Walk – Greece, I have to say that it was the trip of a lifetime! Going to Greece was at the top of my bucket list for decades. When I read the description of this tour by The Blue Walk- it checked off all of my interests: Hiking, walking by the ocean, some touring, checking out local cuisine and culture…

I had never traveled by myself before, so I was proud of the fact I made it to Athens and joined up with the group on my own. Everyone was very friendly, and the group quickly clicked. Our guide was so knowledgeable, we were made totally at ease.

Having read that Athens was just a huge, crowded city I was pleasantly surprised to see how vibrant and interesting it was. I loved how different it was to anything I had ever seen. The abundant shopping venues, the amazing food, and the ancient history were all so captivating!

Traveling by ferry to our first island on the tour was a smooth ride. I totally fell in love with Amorgos! We were told that life in Amorgos is what life in Greece was like 40 years ago. The hotel and spa where we stayed gorgeous! The treatments we received were amazing. The very friendly staff couldn’t do enough for us. We all enjoyed our time in and around the salt water pool, and spent our time in the harbor town exploring the little shops and watching the glorious sunsets!

…having a treatment by the herbalist/alchemist was amazing

I have to say that the highlight of the trip for me was visiting the herbal distillery. Seeing how plants and herbs are transformed into essential oils was fascinating. Visiting the shop where these products are offered and actually having a treatment by the herbalist/alchemist was amazing.

Naxos island had a charm all its own, at a pace a bit faster and more developed than Amorgos. Touring the winding streets through the Old Market and up to the Venetian castle was like stepping back in time. In Naxos, great food and the atmosphere was second to none!

On to Mykonos with its labyrinth of narrow streets and little shops and eateries – so interesting at every turn. A few of us rented a car one day and checked out the southern part of the island with its little towns and gorgeous beaches. Going to Greece just prior to the peak season brought us lovely warm weather and no crowds.

Going to Greece just prior to the peak season brought us lovely warm weather and no crowds.

Overall I can’t say enough good things about this amazing trip. What I embarked upon was a tour that provided a good balance of hiking, tours, and great food. In addition to that, what I found was much needed down time and the opportunity to explore Greece on my own or with new, wonderful friends. Travel at my speed, to the places I wanted to go. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
Enjoying the saltwater pool

This truly was a trip of a lifetime and one that I will never forget! How many times can you say that a trip totally exceeded your expectations? I certainly can having experienced The Blue Walk- Greece! Thank you for this magical tour that had me thinking I needed to be pinched every step of the way as it was unreal in the best way possible!

Peggy A.
Halifax, Nova Scotia