As a tour operator, we put our travelers’ safety first. We are watching the rapidly changing situation in Europe very closely and following the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This page will be updated regularly. Please check back for updates as the situation changes. Last revised on March 21, 2020.

Where can I get trustworthy information about Coronavirus?

We are relying on the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US State Department to provide information about US travel restrictions and other guidance.

Are Blue Walk tours still operating?

The Blue Walk is cancelling all tours with departures up to May 31. It is hoped conditions and travel safety will improve in the next months. As of right now, we are not cancelling tours that depart after June 1. This may change as conditions do, or as we approach our departure dates. 

The Blue Walk will continue to monitor the conditions in the US and Europe very closely. The situation is dynamic and many variables may change between now and your scheduled departure. If we cancel a tour we will provide tour participants with the opportunity to receive a refund or transfer. We will contact guests directly if any changes need to be made. 

Should I cancel my upcoming tour scheduled after June 1?

At this time, the decision is ultimately yours. We understand that every traveler needs to decide for themselves how comfortable they are with the risk. The situation is extremely fluid and we are evaluating conditions on a daily basis. We will provide refunds or transfers for tours that we cancel. When the situation improves, and it’s safe to travel, we still want to travel with you. 

My tour is still departing as scheduled, but I’ve decided to cancel or transfer to another tour. What are my options?

If you are on a Blue Walk or ArtWalk tour with a start date between June 1 and 14, and you are concerned about your travel, we can transfer your reservation to a fall 2020 tour or apply a credit to a 2021 tour. Presently, it is everyone’s hope this crisis may ebb in a few months. Because of this, if you are booked on a tour that departs after June 15 our standard cancellation policy still applies. This may change as conditions do or as we approach the departure date. If you would like to cancel or transfer to another tour, please email us at or call 551.258.3955 to discuss your options.

At this time, some cancellation or transfer fees may apply and may vary by destination. We are working closely with our local vendors to mitigate our non-refundable deposit agreements and minimize or waive these requirements for cancellations and transfers. These too may change with conditions and time. Please understand we work primarily with boutique, family owned businesses who are all severely impacted in this rapidly changing environment. We are all doing our best. We appreciate your patience and consideration.

What if my tour goes ahead, but some sights are closed or my tour changes?

As always, our tour itineraries are subject to change — and often do so, even in the absence of major world events. If the closures become so significant that we don’t think we can give you the tour experience we promised, we’ll cancel your tour before it departs and give you the option of transferring to another tour or getting a refund. Otherwise, if we need to make minor adjustments to your itinerary, we’ll work with your tour group and guide to manage the situation safely, smartly and fairly.

What if the CDC changes its travel advisories in the middle of my tour?

If we are mid-tour and the CDC recommends any restrictions against travel to the country we are in, we will continue operating the tour but adapt it as needed, depending on the circumstances. (For example, we will reroute a tour if it is scheduled to go through an area that is quarantined.) We will assist guests who wish to leave mid-tour, but we will not cancel a tour during its operation except in the most severe circumstances.

What if someone on my tour gets sick, or is diagnosed with the coronavirus?

If a tour guest is diagnosed with the coronavirus, our tour will follow all directives from the local authorities. This may include a quarantine.

If a tour guest shows the symptoms of the coronavirus, the tour guide will put them in touch with a local health provider to be screened.

What if we are quarantined in the middle of my tour?

We will work with your tour guide, the hotel, and the local authorities to mitigate the situation as best we can. This situation is unprecedented and we can’t predict how events will unfold, but we always operate in the best interests of our tour guests.