ETIAS: New European Travel Requirements for 2024

The European Commission has announced a new travel requirement to enter Europe for visitors from the United States, Canada and several other countries. The new ETIAS program is scheduled to be rolled out sometime in 2024.

The new travel authorization requirement for individuals visiting the European Union (EU) is called European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). ETIAS is an electronic travel authorization system for visitors from countries that are not part of the EU. It is a visa-waiver system. It’s main purpose is to strengthen border security within the EU.

Fulfilling the new requirement should be relatively easy and may be completed with a simple on-line application.

ETIAS Resources

The new travel requirement is not yet in effect, and may be implemented in phases. However, you should be aware of it if you are planning travel to Europe in 2024 and beyond (and we certainly hope you are!). We will update this page as critical information becomes available. You can find all current information about the program on the official ETIAS website here.

We recommend looking into it sooner rather than later to familiarize yourself with what is required. The ETIAS FAQ page is informative and has all the information you will need to complete any requirements.

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