Risk Free Travel Terms Increase Your Flexibility and Confidence

Last updated 1/8/2022 

(For questions about travel and the coronavirus, please refer to our coronavirus FAQ.)

You are ready to hit the road. We understand. So are we. Our small groups and open air walking vacations are as timely as they are fun. But there are still many “what-ifs” about how this new world of travel will work. As a result, we have relaxed our terms and conditions to be even more flexible and include risk free travel terms.  

We don’t have a crystal ball, but read on to see how The Blue Walk is addressing your travel future.


What if my plans change?

Stuff happens. Now maybe more than ever. To reserve your space on a tour a deposit is required. However, if your plans change, you may cancel for any reason up to 90 days before your departure date. Your deposit may be transferred to an available tour or returned as a credit for a future tour. No penalties. No fees. No stress. 100% of your payments are protected.


What if the unexpected happens, and I can’t travel? 

It’s simple. If less than 90 days before departure an emergency occurs, you may be able to cancel and receive a credit toward a trip in the future. Reasons for a creditable event may include acute illness, injury or death, house fire or flood, change in military service, or loss of employment. (Fear of infection or concern regarding prevalence of coronavirus in the tour location will not be considered a Creditable Event or covered by our risk free travel terms.) 


What if travel is cancelled because of coronavirus-related restrictions?

If our destinations are open for visitors, and we feel we can provide a safe, fun vacation for our travelers based on our on-the-ground experience, our tours will move forward as planned.

However, border closures are outside of all our control. Our policy has always been that we will not run a program if we cannot offer you the safe and high quality experience you expect. If a tour must be cancelled because of coronavirus-related travel restrictions, your payments are safe. Your non-refundable deposit ($500 for Blue Walks and $750 for Art Walks) may be transferred or credited to future travel. Any balance you may have on account with us will be returned within 14 days after cancellation. 


The not-so-fine print: For the full details of these risk free travel terms, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. For additional questions about travel and the coronavirus, please refer to our FAQ. These terms apply to our publicly advertised tours and may exclude our private tours. Nothing here is meant to replace travel insurance as a means to protect your travel investment. Given this ever-evolving situation, please understand that The Blue Walk reserves the right to update or change these policies without prior notice.