Tour Credit Terms and Conditions

This document outlines Tour Credit Terms and Conditons. If you or your travel partner experience a Creditable Event as determined by The Blue Walk (“TBW”) (see Terms and Conditions), or if you have received a tour credit for any other reason, the tour credit details will be sent to you via email.

We are happy to offer you a tour credit. But, as with anything of value, it is important to avoid any misunderstandings about it. So please read the following information, for the use of your tour credit will be governed by these terms:

  • In the case of a Creditable Event, the amount of the tour credit will be determined in accordance with the The Blue Walk Terms and Conditions and will be offset by any payment or settlement you receive from any relevant insurance policy.
  • Tour credit value is stated and calculated in US dollars. Tour credits are redeemable for future tour bookings only and cannot be redeemable for cash, check, gift certificate, or credit back to a charge card.
  • Tour credits are non-transferable to another person and will be forfeited if bartered, sold, or if obtained or used in an illegal or fraudulent manner, or through unauthorized persons or channels.
  • Tour credits will be awarded to the Primary Traveler on the Tour Reservation.
  • In the event of the tour credit owner’s death, the tour credit will be transferred to the travel partners from the canceled booking on a pro-rata basis. The credit will not be transferred to any other Tour Participant’s account under any other circumstance.
  • Tour credits will expire on December 31, two years following the year of the originally scheduled tour (e.g. if you receive a credit for a tour set to depart in 2020, you may use that credit toward any tour(s) departing prior to December 31, 2022).
  • Tour credits may be redeemed when booking a new TBW tour online at Tour credits cannot be redeemed through a travel agency or any other source.
  • Tour credits must be redeemed for any tour(s) with a departure date on or before the expiration date of the tour credit.
  • Tour credits must be redeemed in a single Tour Reservation session. If the tour credit is greater than the cost of the new reservation, the balance will be forfeited.
  • Tour credits may be applied to more than one tour, or to cover other travelers, if they are included on the same booking during the single Tour Reservation session.
  • If your tour credit is insufficient to cover the full cost of your new tour(s), you will be responsible for paying the balance in accordance with the TBW Terms and Conditions.
  • If you cancel a booking made with a tour credit in accordance with the TBW Terms and Conditions, you may, at RSE’s sole discretion, be entitled to a tour credit up to the cost of the most recently cancelled booking. If a tour credit is provided under this paragraph, any portion attributable to the redeemed credit will assume the expiration date of the originally issued credit.
  • The owner of a tour credit or any Tour Participant whose tour was purchased using a tour credit understands that he/she will be required to provide an alternate form of payment before being allowed to join the tour if the tour credit was used for payment in violation of these terms and conditions or applicable law.
  • TBW reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time in their sole discretion.