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So, a leisurely walking tour sounds great… but what exactly does the “leisurely walking” mean? We break it down for you here. Our walk level ratings will give you a good idea of what to expect during your Blue Walk tour. We want to be sure you know what to expect and are ready to have your best vacation ever.

The Blue Walk specializes in leisurely walking vacations with one hour to half day walks. Art vacations tend to have less walking to allow time for classes. This leaves the remainder of the day free to explore on your own, shop, laze by the pool, or maybe even get a massage. The choice is yours.

Walk Ratings

We have four levels of walks. Level 1 and Level 2 are part of our regular tours. You can expect a mix of both during your vacation. Level 3 are additional, optional walks that may be self-guided. Most tours have two or more opportunities for these excursions. Level 4 walks are more difficult, self-guided hikes. We advise these only to experienced hikers or with a hired local guide. If you think you may be interested in a Level 4 walk please let us know in advance of departure.

We have done our best to charactarize our walks. However, we have found that ultimately, the classifications are subjective. Each person may come to their own conclusion as to how appropriate they are. If you have any questions about the suitability of our walks, please contact us or have a look at our FAQ.

Walk Level 1

Walk Level 1

This is our easiest walk level and you will encounter these on each tour. Expect an easy going pace, stops for water, photos, taking in the scenery, etc. There might be options to stop at a cafe.

These walks may include short hills with up to a 10 minute climb and stairs with relatively easy gradients. The walks may follow well maintained coastal paths, cobbled roads, paved walks, and well maintained trails. The walks will vary with the location, from city or village avenues to trails in the countryside. You might occasionally encounter loose rocks and uneven terrain. 

Scheduled walking time 1-2 ½ hours, 2-4 miles.

Walk Level 2

Walk Level 2

These walks can be up to 6 miles in length with a casual pace. There are stops for water, photos, and enjoying the surroundings. We may have a cafe stop to break up the walk. Level 2 walks offer a good mix of elements from both Level 1 and Level 3. Elevation changes will vary from flat and rolling to climbs of 20 minutes. Surfaces may include pavement, cobbles, trails with some loose rock, and short pitches of possibly uneven stairs. 

Scheduled walking time 1 ½-3 ½  hours, 3-6 miles.

Walk Level 3

Walk Level 3

These walks may be additional options, possibly self-guided, and will be more like a hike. Distances aren’t necessarily longer than level 2, but elevation changes will add to the hiking time. These are not typical daily scheduled walks. Rather they are optional additions to the daily scheduled walk and will therefore add to miles already included.

Level 3 walks are mostly on uneven trails with loose rock. There will be moderate hills and a higher degree of elevation changes with steady climbs of up to 60 minutes. Level 3 could include steep sections of uneven stairs or steeply pitched trails. If desired, local hired guides are often available for these walks.

Scheduled walking time 2 ½ – 4  hours, 4-6 miles.

Walk Level 4

Walk level 4 activities are self-guided hikes outside of The Blue Walk daily walking program. Local hired guides may be available for these longer, more remote, and demanding hikes. If you are interested in this type of activity please inform us at least 30 days prior to departure.

Scheduled walking time 3-6+ hours depending on chosen route and pace, 4-10 miles.


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